taking care of your e-bike

Service & warranty


Maintaining your e-bike is essential to years of trouble-free riding. The mechanical parts of your e-bike (gears, chain, tyres, etc.) can be serviced by any reputable bike outlet or service centre. But the electrical components can only be serviced by an accredited agent.


The Southbound limited warranty covers manufacturing faults in your e-bike for a limited period of time. Submit a claim or find out more about the specific terms and conditions of your warranty below.

Reputable service network

Any required maintenance to your e-bike's electrical system (display screen, battery, motor, throttle, control unit, various sensors or any wiring) should only be performed by an accredited Southbound agent.

Southbound may not honour your warranty for workmanship to the electrical system outside of our network of accredited agents.

Reach out to us or book in your e-bike at one of our accredited agents for professional service and advice.


The Southbound limited warranty covers manufacturing faults in materials or workmanship on all new e-bikes in possession of the original owner, from the date of purchase. It doesn’t cover wear and tear from ordinary use, damage to the frame, components or electrical system resulting from improper use, or water damage from riding or washing your e-bike.

For valid warranty claims that occur within the first 14 days from date of purchase, Southbound will cover the reasonable cost of labour involved in rectifying the fault.

After the 14-day, free labour repair period the owner will be responsible for the labour costs associated with warranty replacements.

18 months

Electrical components

30 months

Bike frame

Any parts replaced as part of a valid warranty claim, will be shipped to the customer or bike dealer by Southbound.